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How can you help your customers with immediate expert help to all their questions?

  • Always ON
  • At scale
  • On-demand
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Conversational AI full stack solution
Retail and CPG brands

"Best friend of digital marketers and customer service agents"

Influenced 10X conversions for a luxury fashion brand in Austria Read More

25 Million
25+ Live
18 Countries
15 Languages

Conversational AI solution that inspires to BUY

Converts your product catalog data into YOUR product Specialist AI

“53% of your customers have questions about your products while shopping online” – Forrester

  • Answers are not readily available from your catalog
  • Customer support is not available 24/7 across markets, channels and languages
  • Agents might not be trained on products data and product expertise


What if artificial intelligence in retail that

  • Can easily train on your products data to answer your customers queries?
  • Can discover questions from your customers and enrich your product catalog?
  • Can derive precision marketing insights and deliver instant ROI?

How it works in 2 minutes

Our AI helps you answer your customer's questions and inspire them to Buy.

Accelerated Conversions
Enriched Product Catalog
Instant Cost Savings & ROI

Enterprise Class Vertical AI Solution

Modular, Multi-channel, SaaS

AI Chatbot

Multi turn conversations

Configurable user journeys

Retail NLP

Propreitary NLP for retail

Preloaded Intents specific to your business

Retail Ontology

Propreitary NER

Retail business schema

Cognitive Workbench

Self Learning and retraining of models

Automated Insights

Precision marketing insights from conversations

Live chat Handoff

Toggle between AI and human agents

Multiple channels

Web, mobile, FB, Store

53% of customers will abandon purchase if they don’t get quick answers to their questions : Forrester

Success Stories

  • eCommerce Chatbot
    - 40% improved conversions
  • 1000+ new product questions discovered
  • Style Me recommendations
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News & Events

Digital glamour: Wolford uses Azure and AI to deliver luxury online service

Founded in the Austrian city of Bregenz in 1950, Wolford is the global market leader for luxury legwear and bodywear. Over its 68-year history, the company has established a strong reputation for delivering both high-end products and high-end customer service.

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