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In 2017, as e-commerce was already exploding across the global landscape, Sanjoy Roy and Dinesh Sharma identified a gap in the market, an opportunity to create a brand that could revolutionize the way people across the world experienced online shopping. 

AskSid - Now a part of Gupshup

The gap as they saw it, was the retail conversational experience riddled with unsolved consumer questions and deliberations. What was needed to bridge this gap was retail and vertical AI domain expertise, both of which they had to offer. With no credible solution in the market, the dream of AskSid was born, a full-stack AI solution for retail brands, seeking to craft impactful shopping experiences for consumers across geographies.

In 2022, AskSid was acquired by GupShup, the global leader in conversational engagement, to join forces and offer retail, D2C, and eCommerce brands a unified set of CX offerings with a vertical AI focus, across pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase phases - thus delivering immense value to enterprise customers.

Our Leadership

Sanjoy Roy,

Co-founder & CEO

A digital and data maverick, Sanjoy has spent 22 years in the tech industry across continents and multiple MNCs, before stepping into the shoes of an entrepreneur in 2017. He has spent the last 5 years as a co-founder and CEO, building AskSid from the ground up, taking it from a mere idea to a fully-fledged AI product servicing retail and CPG clients globally. His dream was to break through and prove that Indian tech also has great products to offer and not just services.

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Dinesh Sharma,

Co-founder & CTO

With 22+ years in technology under his belt, Dinesh has seen it all, with years of experience in architecting and deploying enterprise-scale products and solutions for Retail, Consumer Goods, Finance, and Travel domains. As the CTO and co-founder at AskSid, he has a penchant for applying his strengths of solving complex real-world problems through simple, scalable, and performing solutions. He took on the role of an entrepreneur in 2017, translating the idea of AskSid into a Vertical AI SaaS solution.

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SID does it all.

  • Intelligent conversations
  • Quicker conversions
  • Faster sales

SID does it all.

  • Intelligent conversations
  • Quicker conversions
  • Faster sales