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3 reasons your eCommerce brand needs AskSid’s Size Finder Bot – AskSid

What is AskSid’s Size Finder Bot all about?

Sizing is one of the most important aspects of online retailing, and one of the most tricky as choosing the right size poses a hurdle to the consumer’s decision-making process. In fact, recent research from TIME states that 40% of online purchases are returned, primarily owing to sizing issues.

Addressing this specific consumer need is crucial for long-term success and one of the best ways to deliver perfect sizing is AskSid’s revolutionary Size Finder Bot. An online sizing tool that can fit into your existing CX architecture to appear as a pop-up sizing assistant on your eCommerce website.

AskSid’s Size Finder Bot is especially important for online-centric retailers, who do not have offline stores to fall back on. Investing in AI-enabled sizing visualizers like this over traditional sizing guides delivers personalization to consumers via an easy-to-use interface that accepts basic level inputs from consumers to provide accurate sizing in real-time. No waiting, no confusion – only immediate sizing guidance round-the-clock!

Features of the Size Finder Bot

The main aim of creating the Size Finder Bot was to eliminate a major hesitation factor when it comes to closing a purchase – which as we all know, is sizing. This can be for clothes, lingerie, or even a tin of paint. Through the Size Finder Bot, AskSid strives to deliver automated sizing and seamless shopping experiences to retail consumers worldwide, across digital channels, 24/7!

Let’s get to know what makes up AskSid’s Size Finder Bot!

  • AI-led size computation: The bot requests very basic measurement inputs from the consumer and computes the same to find a product size that fits their needs. This happens in a matter of seconds thanks to the retail-specific AI models trained on retail ontology.
  • Plug-and-play model: The Size Finder Bot can be added to your current architecture and be deployed across your brand’s digital channels to deliver stress-free shopping to every consumer.
  • Deployable across retail verticals: The bot works across retail verticals, and is especially useful for tricky categories where consumers tend to require more support like skin wear, lingerie, footwear, and paints, among others.

3 reasons why your retail brand needs the Size Finder Bot

  1. Remove hesitation factors: Size selection is often a deterrent for an interested customer and by eliminating ambiguity in decision making, AskSid’s Size Finder Bot, the perfect online sizing tool for retail, supports rapid sales closures and improved conversion rates.
  2. Deliver seamless shopping experiences: The Size Finder Bot can be deployed across webshops and all brand channels digitally reducing any buying hesitation based on sizing issues and helping retailers make frictionless shopping a reality for their global customer base.
  3. Address a major stress point for consumers that your competitors are not considering: Adopting AI technology that is built with a vertical focus and with an intention to solve issues consumers are facing at a micro-level will help your brand stay a step ahead of your competitors by bridging gaps in your CX experiences. 

Business impact of the Size Finder Bot

  • Higher conversion rates and boost in sales: It is obvious, if you are investing in eliminating a major problem area of the user flow journey, it results in a smoother experience for your consumers, leading to higher conversion rates and a driving factor to faster sales.
  • Self-serviced CX model: AskSid’s Size Finder Bot helps you empower consumers by giving them an AI-enabled size visualizer that has the power to help them compute sizing without additional support from the brand’s end.
  • Future-proof your online brand: As the retail industry adopts newer and better technology to help with the 360 degree of operations, the front-end experience will be a key area in which consumers will expect a top-notch experience. Stay a step ahead of the industry by identifying issues and putting tools in place to overcome them, backed by the power of AI, and keep your brand prepared to handle any challenges that come up in the future.
  • Reduce incomplete shopping journeys: Why do consumers leave the shopping journey mid-way? Is it the choice of products available? The lack of personalization? Or could the inability to gain clarity on sizing coupled with reviews mentioning the same issue lead to consumers dropping off? AskSid’s Size Finder Bot helps you overcome all of these, by giving shoppers what they need – immediate, guided, sizing support so that they can proceed seamlessly to checkout, with zero hesitation.

In conclusion

So now you know why you need the Size Finder Bot, but let’s just do a quick recap of the primary reasons, just to refresh your memory.

  • User-friendly omnichannel sizing support
  • Reduced hurdles in decision-making 
  • Seamless sizing assistance 24/7
  • Higher conversions and sales
  • Deployable across retail verticals

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