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The use of mobile phones has increased dramatically over the past few years; it is evident in the fact that today, over 3 billion people in the world own and use smartphones (Statista). Mobile-based messaging, as a corollary, has augmented businesses’ capability to reach their consumers directly and personally. According to ICMI, incorporating live chat into business operations can deliver conversion rates as high as 40%.

This has led businesses to reach out to conversational CX solutions – especially the eCommerce brands – to serve their customers better, quicker, and with highly relevant content. Let’s explore five compelling reasons why eCommerce brands are implementing conversational CX solutions.

1. Chat Embodies Digital

Instant messaging has assumed a pivotal role in the definition of “digital” today. Businesses willing to engage with their consumers with an objective of “quality service” in mind need to have cross-channel capabilities that include instant messaging. In fact, according to Forbes, offering customers live chat support while they are engaged in making a purchase is a preference that 50% of consumers have expressed.

The writing is on the wall: the first place consumers look for support from a business happens to be live chat. Several reasons make this their preferred choice:

  • Customers get access to all the information they need through a single channel – the chat window
  • Chatbots reply quickly. Even if the business isn’t on working hours, the bot lets the consumer know when he can expect a reply
  • Chatbots allow businesses to optimize staff deployment

2. Chat Enables Better Budgeting and Manpower Optimisation

As businesses consistently work to reduce turnaround times, consumers are gradually habituated to receiving prompt answers to their queries. A Forrester report claims that over half of the consumers are more likely to complete a purchase with an e-retailer if their queries are addressed within the minute.

Manning the CX desk 24×7 has become important, but it isn’t practical when considering sales and marketing team budgets. In such scenarios, chatbots have the potential to offload much of the mundane, straightforward queries from the human staff, enabling better workforce optimization. Additionally, chatbots contribute in the following ways:

  • They save the amount of time humans need to be present on a consumer query that is easily solvable through chatbots
  • Chatbots stay live 24×7, helping businesses cash in on the business from their superfast consumers

3. Chatbots Help Craft Omnichannel Experiences

No consumer stays on the same business channel throughout their consumer journey. They may spot your brand on a physical banner, and then check out your social media page. From there, they could end up on your landing page and attempt to search for your business on WhatsApp.

The gist is that the journey of a consumer is always scattered across channels, and chatbots can help create a seamless transition between these channels with every bit of information that the consumer has left your brand with. Chatbots expertly craft amazing omnichannel and cross-channel consumer experiences in the following ways:

  • According to this report by AISensy, WhatsApp has helped businesses recover up to 60% of abandoned carts. Deploying chatbots on WhatsApp thus translates into effectively saving sales
  • Chatbots help optimize customer communications based on the kind of channel the consumer initiates a touchpoint on. For example, conversation on social media would differ in nature from that on emails; a chatbot can be programmed to handle this effectively

4. Chatbots Help with Post-Sales Activities

The relationship of a business with its consumers doesn’t end with concluding a sale. Investing a little more time in garnering feedback from your consumers helps foster a healthy relationship that has a high potential of turning into loyalty, and even advocacy. According to a Harvard study, it could cost a business up to 25 times more to acquire a new customer as compared to retaining an existing one – which makes post-sales an important aspect of customer relationships.

Chatbots help with initiating “satisfaction surveys” or feedback communications with new customers (or existing ones) to gain more insights into how consumers view your brand and products. Here are a few more ways chatbots help with post-sales:

  • Gaining user satisfaction insights on time helps businesses roll out new and improved versions of their products (like apps) – chatbots can be automated to send and receive consumer feedback
  • Chatbots are a great tool for executing upselling and cross-selling campaigns
  • Chatbots can also be leveraged to send reminders to consumers regarding product use. For example, leather bag/shoe companies can send timed reminders to consumers that it’s time to condition their products with leather cream, or the contact information if they need help with maintenance. 

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5. Chatbots Help Gather Data

Data is central to understanding consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns. Businesses that get these insights in line can cater to consumers better, offer targeted services and achieve better sales. There is no better way to gather this data first-hand than using chatbots to directly engage with consumers for information.

Whichever stage of the sales funnel a consumer may be in – chatbots can initiate a conversation to gather insights on their preferences which directly help to streamline strategies.

Wrapping Up

As an eCommerce business, deploying chat-based customer solutions has become imperative today. Several instances recounted above spell out just how potentially advantageous a conversational CX solution can be for e-retailers; especially where point-of-sale communication is concerned. According to this report by ICMI, there is the likelihood of boosting ROI by 105% by deploying proactive chat – if your business isn’t leveraging this benefit, you may want to reconsider.

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