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AskSid Announces Ready-to-Launch Instagram API Integration for Global Retailers

AskSid’s direct API with Facebook allows for seamless API integration with Instagram, which is great news for its global retail clientele as they can seamlessly integrate customer support on a brand new channel.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India; September 7, 2021 –  With more than 1 Billion monthly active users, Instagram is not just a social application, it is an online destination for brands to meet and interact with their customers. As Instagram opens up its API integrations allowing conversational intelligence providers like AskSid to launch direct messaging features, the retail world gets yet another channel that can leverage AI to optimize the end customer experience.

Instagram Direct (Messenger) has 375 million monthly users and with this direct API, AskSid establishes a direct communication channel between the brands in its ecosystem and their customers.

With AskSid’s pre-existing direct Facebook APIs, the integration to Instagram is truly seamless, compared to other AI providers who integrate through 3rd party interfaces. Most importantly, AskSid can provide the same level of frictionless shopping and customer support, along with the same user flow journey currently offered on Facebook or WhatsApp.

AskSid’s core expertise lies in helping brands build their very own Retail AI Brain or knowledge base that centralizes and enriches product data, and powers the end-to-end customer experience. With this direct Instagram API, all of AskSid’s verticalized AI solutions from its Retail AI Brain, live chat console that supports real-time tracking, or its KPI dashboard that can filter data collected based on channels, can be brought on Instagram. Thus helping brands bring a whole new level of customized online shopping to their customers. 

Dinesh Sharma, CTO & Co-founder at AskSid says – “Retail brands need an AI solution that once built, continuously learns and most importantly, runs across any channel. Having solutions that work on a few digital channels like websites, but not others would be of diminishing value. AskSid is built on the premise of building a Retail AI Brain aka a knowledge repository for a brand’s products and services. This then powers consistent and frictionless experiences across digital and social channels. This core product architecture principle has allowed us to support channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Zalo in the past, and now Instagram too. Thus enabling our customers to extend their existing AskSid digital shopping assistant to Instagram in a very short time frame and with minimal effort from the brand’s team.”

With time, all of Facebook’s channels like WhatsApp and Instagram will come closer together. This offers retailers an excellent opportunity to make the most of the customers they have acquired on each platform, allowing them to shop and engage seamlessly across any chosen channel. 

The quality of retail intelligence your AI partner can bring to the table is directly proportional to the quality of customer experience your brand offers, especially with a new API launch such as this. With this direct API integration, AskSid’s repertoire of successfully implemented AI solutions can now be extended to a whole new set of online shoppers on Instagram.

About AskSid – A digital shopping assistant that helps retail brands sell more faster

As a digital shopping assistant, AskSid is poised to disrupt the online retail industry with its Retail AI Brain, a unique knowledge repository converting raw brand data into tweet-sized Q&As, product tags, intents, and utterances. This powers impactful shopping experiences and drives conversions across chatbots and voice bots, while simultaneously extracting deep customer insights, helping brands uncover new business opportunities.

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Press contact:
Sanjoy Roy