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AskSid Boosts Retail Engagement With New Interactive Features on WhatsApp’s Business API

With AskSid’s WhatsApp Business API now offering interactive messages and exciting new ways of communicating, retail and CPG brands can be sure of increasing engagement with customers on the world’s most popular communication platform.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India; October 18, 2021 – With over 2 Billion people worldwide interacting with brands on WhatsApp, it has become a necessity to have a digital assistant on Whatsapp, one that can represent your brand and bring intelligent support to every single customer, no matter what type of support they are seeking.

AskSid helps retail brands build out WhatsApp digital assistants that allow customers to discover products and access support with ease. Being a preferred communication platform globally, WhatsApp is a must-have for any brand looking to cater to customer needs efficiently.

With AskSid as a conversational AI solutions partner, retail brands can now offer a digital assistant with interactive features as part of the latest update which aims to boost convenience in messaging, with 2 new ways of interaction with brands – List Messages and Reply Buttons.

With the List Messages option on your AskSid digital assistant, you can present customers with your product catalogs, their order history, and really any kind of information that exceeds 3 item numbers.

The Reply Buttons option on your AskSid digital assistant, allows you to present main menu options like product categories, actions to be taken on a product, payment methods, and so on, to the customer in a highly interactive manner.

With these new and improved interactive messages features available for retailers on AskSid’s digital shopping assistant, brands can offer higher levels of personalization, engagement, and responsiveness to their global customer base. 

Available on iOS, Android, and web platforms, this new user experience offered by the WhatsApp Business API ensures dynamic customer support, and feature-rich communications, without the need for templates or pre-approvals.

AskSid’s digital shopping assistant currently supports 2 brands in over 7 countries including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, and Sri Lanka, having delivered both highly engaging customer experiences, with intelligence-led end-to-end conversational support that has helped in boosting conversion rates, driving sales and improving the self-serviced support rates across the board.

About AskSid – A digital shopping assistant that helps retail brands sell more faster

As a digital shopping assistant, AskSid is poised to disrupt the online retail industry with its Retail AI Brain, a unique knowledge repository converting raw brand data into tweet-sized Q&As, product tags, intents, and utterances. This powers impactful shopping experiences and drives conversions across chatbots and voice bots, while simultaneously extracting deep customer insights, helping brands uncover new business opportunities.

To learn more about us, visit www.asksid.ai  

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Sanjoy Roy