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AskSid looks towards Southeast Asia as its next burgeoning retail market

Supporting multiple digital channels and all key Southeast Asian languages, AskSid is on a growth trajectory to become the conversational AI solution of choice for Southeast Asia’s biggest retail & CPG enterprises.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India; February 14, 2022 – As eCommerce gains momentum in Southeast Asian countries, the possibilities of how AI can transform the customer experience as retailers in the region go digital, is limitless. According to Forrester, online retail in Southeast Asia crossed $50 Billion in 2020 alone, which is exponentially higher than the pre-pandemic predictions that were in place for the region.

With ever-evolving customer demands and personalized digital experiences gaining popularity and AI being in its nascent stages of adoption across Southeast Asian countries, the timing is just perfect for retailers to take advantage of the level of innovation in tech available and rise to become digital-first organizations.

AskSid entered the Southeast Asian Retail AI market a while ago by being the conversational AI solution of choice for leading retail and CPG brands, as they launched their digital shopping assistants across the region, in countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

As a conversational AI expert built specifically for large retail and consumer goods enterprises, AskSid rose to the challenge to deliver seamless and exceptional omnichannel and multilingual customer support and engagement for the brands, leading to higher conversions and improved customer satisfaction. AskSid currently supports all the popular digital channels in the region like Viber, Zalo, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, among many others.

AskSid understands the critical role language capabilities of any conversational AI solution in this geography holds and thanks to its custom-built Natural Language library with 170+ unique pre-loaded retail intents, and language capabilities spanning Burmese, Malay, Tagalog, Tamil

Thai, and Vietnamese among others, AskSid is able to offer a deployment time of 4-6 weeks for any new retail client.

The crux of the entire solution lies in AskSid’s unique Retail AI Brain, a knowledge base that is personalized for every new retail client’s brand universe, including product data, brand information, customer interactions, to create a unified pipeline of information that feeds the front-facing digital assistant to deliver exceptionally real and humanized customer support on a digital channel or language of the user’s choice.

Sanjoy Roy, CEO & Co-founder at AskSid has this to say “Southeast Asia presents an excellent opportunity for us as retail AI specialists to help retail brands craft unique and seamless shopping experiences for Southeast Asian customers, irrespective of language or channel. Thus helping retailers level up their evolution as digitally forward brands who are future-proofing their business strategies to cater to evolving customer demands.” 

About AskSid

A digital shopping assistant that helps retail brands sell more faster

AskSid is a global conversational solutions company that partners with retail brands to elevate shopping experiences by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. Our capabilities extend beyond support automation, extending to insight extraction, analysis, and business opportunity generation, all by leveraging the power of conversational data. We combine domain expertise and cutting-edge technology to build a Retail AI Brain for our clients, that mines insights from conversational data and becomes the basis of the business opportunity creation we offer. The power of actionable customer data has allowed us to create value and bring change to global brands including AkzoNobel, Danone, Wolford, Akris, and Himalaya. AskSid has live implementations in 23+ countries and supports 100+ international languages, managing millions of satisfied customers the world over.

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