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AskSid relaunches its AI product with an all-new UX and design to boost user-friendliness

With this move, AskSid delivers an easy-to-use verticalized customer support engine for retail & CPG brands, that works seamlessly both on the customer end and for the retail brand as well.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India; March 21, 2021 – As a retail-specific digital assistant to some of the world’s biggest brands including AkzoNobel, Danone, Himalaya, Wolford, Davies Paints, and many more, AskSid’s priority besides seamless delivering top-notch engagement to its clients’ end customers, is ensuring the best possible user experience for the brands themselves.

At the backend, AskSid’s dashboards and analytical engines are used by Marketing and Customer Service teams to track the performance of the AI and to gain a broader understanding of how their customers are engaging with the brand vis-a-via the customer support engine. 

After 5 years of having developed one of the most sophisticated conversational AI solutions in the market today, AskSid has relaunched the client-end of the solution that will lead to more transparent customer tracking and better user experience while engaging with AskSid’s backend AI models.

This relaunch includes a complete UX refresh with AskSid’s new brand colors, faster speed of operations and response time, better usability, and overall a lighter user experience for retail teams.

AskSid has worked heavily on developing and improving navigation systems, dashboards, and features such as search and sorting functions, making the job of the end-user extremely convenient.

Also, new to the full-stack solution’s client-end interface are shareable links for all screens, allowing client teams to collaborate and iterate far more quickly and efficiently than before.

This change fits perfectly into AskSid’s ethos and philosophy as a client-oriented AI provider that works to ensure client success at every turn. In 2022, AskSid is expected to launch a series of improvements and new product features that will continue to help their clients grow and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

About AskSid

AskSid is a conversational customer service platform that uses cutting-edge AI technology to answer every kind of question your CPG or D2C e-commerce consumers are asking about your products – anytime, anywhere. Also, gain deep consumer insights from every interaction that leads to all new business opportunities and helps you understand the pulse of what your consumers really want.

To learn more, visit www.asksid.ai  

Press contact:
Sanjoy Roy