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Boost sales with AskSid’s Product Recommendation feature

Introduction to AskSid’s Product Recommendation feature

Reducing the number of steps for customers to find the right product to suit their needs – if your AI is capable of achieving this, you are that much closer to boosting conversions. With this in mind, AskSid is thrilled to launch its new Product Recommendation feature – a tool that has been designed with the sole purpose of helping retail brands build hyper-personalized shopping experiences across the globe.

Bespoke shopping experiences have become a prerequisite for successful retail businesses to make the most of the visitors on their website and ensure steady conversion rates. Even the level of conversational engagement hinges heavily on the level of personalization your digital assistant can deliver vis-à-vis understanding their preferences, likes, and dislikes.

The crux of this Product Recommendation feature lies in predicting the customer’s needs based on their movements and patterns across the shopping journey with absolute accuracy. AskSid’s AI models work behind the scenes to track every move your customer makes to create a map that leads to a narrow set of products that would appeal to them.

How does it work?

Step-1: Extraction of customer data from the user flow journey and every interaction with the digital shopping assistant helps us gather data on the customer. This data can include anything from the customers’ selection of a particular product, color, the addition of a product to their cart, or even based on a question asked regarding a specific product or range of products.

Step-2: AskSid’s Product Recommendation models begin working on the collected data to then build a comprehensive profile of every single visitor with a deep understanding of their preferences, before arriving at a set of recommendations tailored to their profile and search.

Step-3: Accurate product recommendations are presented to the customer allowing them to choose from a narrowed down set of options closer to what they have in mind, derived from their buying patterns. 

Benefits of the Product Recommendation feature

  • Eliminate any friction and product discovery stress for customers by offering the right product at the right time
  • Leverage current trends and buying patterns when customer data is inconclusive or limited, which happens quite often.
  • Understand your customers’ needs better with data that’s extracted and analyzed by AskSid’s product recommendation models.

Business impact

AskSid’s Product Recommendation feature has already proven its success in the global retail market for a European luxury e-retailer in the Netherlands. The feature has supported close to 1,000 successful product recommendations already and with this, AskSid has cracked the code to customized responses tailored to every eCommerce user’s needs.

Are digital assistants the future of product recommendations?

Digital shopping assistants for retail like AskSid AI can not just be deployed to automate customer support requests, but provide personalized recommendations to website visitors. Whether there is sufficient interaction-based data or not, this feature is built to leverage buying patterns and trends to create recommendations in a seamless manner. The future is all about hyper-personalized engagement – and we at AskSid AI are ready to help retail brands deliver accurate and timely expert guidance!

A digital shopping assistant that helps retail brands sell more faster AskSid is a global conversational solutions company that partners with retail brands to elevate shopping experiences by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. Our capabilities extend beyond support automation, extending to insight extraction, analysis, and business opportunity generation, all by leveraging the power of conversational data. We combine domain expertise and cutting-edge technology to build a Retail AI Brain for our clients, that mines insights from conversational data and becomes the basis of the business opportunity creation we offer. The power of actionable customer data has allowed us to create value and bring change to global brands including AkzoNobel, Danone, Wolford, Akris, and Himalaya. AskSid has live implementations in 23+ countries and supports 100+ international languages, managing millions of satisfied customers the world over.

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