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Conversational AI Stats for Retail in 2022 – AskSid AI

Conversational AI trends in 2022

Conversational AI in retail has been a buzzword for a while, and after the many technological advancements chatbots and digital assistants have undergone in 2020-2021, retailers now understand how crucial it is to deploy an AI-enabled shopping assistant both online and offline, for their customers.

With adoption increasing exponentially, we are only scratching the surface of the true potential of conversational AI and its many applications and allied technologies and models. 2022 will be an exciting year for both tech creators and retail brands as we converge and collaborate to raise the bar of customer experiences and engagement. 

Here are some of the statistics that represent where the industry is headed and what kind of changes are expected for AI in Retail in 2022.

Learn more in this infographic blog. 

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AskSid is a global conversational solutions company that partners with retail brands to elevate shopping experiences by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. Our capabilities extend beyond support automation, extending to insight extraction, analysis, and business opportunity generation, all by leveraging the power of conversational data. We combine domain expertise and cutting-edge technology to build a Retail AI Brain for our clients, that mines insights from conversational data and becomes the basis of the business opportunity creation we offer. The power of actionable customer data has allowed us to create value and bring change to global brands including AkzoNobel, Danone, Wolford, Akris, and Himalaya. AskSid has live implementations in 23+ countries and supports 100+ international languages, managing millions of satisfied customers the world over.