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These days, customers are quick to message or call businesses with concerns. This can be an issue for businesses since, most of the time, these complaints may be false or just a misunderstanding. However, they are barriers to business expansion. Nevertheless, you cannot forgo customer interaction and engagement.

With that said, the undeniable truth is that interacting with customers regularly is a mundane task since most of the queries are repetitive. So wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could automate the entire process and never worry about it again?

That’s where Feedback Bots come in. Feedback Bots can provide immediate responses to your customer. Reports show that 68% of consumers liked chatbots since they had a quick response time.

Before we see how chatbots can help solve these problems, let us have a look at what these beautiful programs are and how they can solve these problems for you in a straightforward way.

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is a software program that communicates with consumers simulating a conversation with a human being. Chatbots are used to receive feedback, orders, customer service, or to answer simple questions.

What is the Difference Between a Chatbot and a Feedback Bot?

Chatbots are mainly used for placing orders and asking questions about your business. Feedback bots are used to cumulate suggestions and feedback from the customer. Feedback bots provide more conversational responses to the users as they learn from previous conversations. All feedback bots are chatbots, but not all chatbots are feedback bots.

In simpler words, a feedback bot is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that helps improve your online business.

How Does a Feedback Bot Work? 

When asked a question, a chatbot processes the given phrase and queries the database of the response through the cloud. It analyzes your inquiry and forms the aptest reply.

All chatbots use varying levels of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for communicating. An advanced feedback bot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to form compound sentences that replicate human conversations for enquiries by the consumer.  

Feedback bots like Siri or Alexa, which use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, can learn from previous conversations to increase their vocabulary and knowledge of the specific customer to remember names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Feedback bots on discord are very useful for the server admins and developers to receive suggestions and bug reports comfortably. Most discord communities accommodate a ticket system where users can voice their concerns. This can be streamlined with the use of feedback bots on discord. Users can simply add a prefix to their feedback that notifies the developers of the problem, and they can get right to solving it.

Advantages of Using a Chatbot

1. Can Run 24/7

Human representatives cannot tend to your customers all the time as they take breaks and are easily fatigued with continuous repetitive questions. Employing multiple people to work in shifts increases overhead costs. Feedback bots can be kept running 24/7 as they do not require human monitoring. They can receive feedback and respond to customer queries even during holidays. 

2. Hyper-Personalisation

Human sales representatives need to be trained for weeks to understand the company values and policies before they are ready to be put on the field. Feedback bots can provide the level of sophistication from the moment they are deployed. They can also be customized to fit the needs of the customer to allow for quick and easy support. 

They can provide suggestions for the customers during sales relevant to their purchase order and history by learning from preceding orders. Chatbots can save your information for future purchases and feedback.

3. Can Handle Large Volumes of Customer Enquiries Simultaneously

Chatbots are expected to handle 75-90% of banking and healthcare-related queries by the year 2022. They can save your time and your client’s time by answering simple questions, thus reducing the response time.

Feedback bots free up sales personnel who get tired of answering repetitive questions, therefore freeing their time up to respond to complaints and other queries.

Human representatives are unable to multitask and respond to multiple queries at the same time, but a chatbot can answer multiple users at the same time comfortably. It can also segregate more complex questions to a human representative. 

4. Easy to set up

They are very simple to set up and require very little knowledge in programming to add them to your website. Chatbots and feedback bots can be implemented to your website effortlessly which helps boost overall sales and reviews. Chatbots can be implemented into your website’s user interface and application. 

5. Increases customer engagement

Virtual Assistants can keep the customer engagement through the buying process which increases sales by up to 90%

Feedback bots can actively engage customers around the clock which translates to a rise in feedback received. With the help of feedback bots, we can improve our customer service. 

Did you know that the retail industry has been the most welcoming to chatbots, more than any industry by 34%? 

Things to Know Before Adding a Chatbot to Your Website

Customers need to connect with a simple and efficient user interface that is easy to navigate but also complex enough for them to register the queries. Chatbots must also be loaded up with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning before being implemented to your website so that they can start learning from the first conversation. 

Human representatives need to be on call to respond to complex requests from the customer to guide them in case the feedback bot is unable to assist them. The chatbot needs to be integrated well into the user interface of the website and/or application to assist customers in the most ways.  


Feedback bots are seemingly the future of customer service requests, feedback, and online sales as they are very easy to set up, cost-effective, and time-efficient. Chatbots are on the increase as most businesses increase their online presence through various social media platforms and instant messaging services.

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