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Get to know AskSid: A digital shopping assistant built for retail


At AskSid, we consider ourselves intelligent experience engineers, collaborating with global retail brands to elevate the level of conversations, and supporting brands beyond just customer support. The core of AskSid’s offerings lies in the retail AI brain we build for brands, an intelligence layer that supersedes all customer communication, driving intuitive support, and crafting simplified yet impactful shopping journeys. 

Retail AI brain for your business

This is the driving force behind our insights engine, allowing brands to dig deep into conversational data and seek out hidden cues, resulting in a more complex and deep understanding of every single customer. 

AskSid’s domain expertise also extends to mapping extracted insights to business opportunities, leading brands to discover previously unknown possibilities, including demand in varied markets and geographies, targeted marketing campaigns, new product lines, and well-mapped shopping journeys. AskSid has live implementations in 23+ countries and supports 100+ international languages. 

Conversions rate increased by 30%



A unique knowledge repository that assimilates and formats raw brand data into tweet-sized Q&As, product tags, intents, and utterances, which are deployed through interfaces like the digital assistants across channels to service end customers seamlessly.


Go live on all brand channels in just 4 weeks thanks to pre-built e-commerce integrations (Shopify, Demandware, Magento, etc)  that support rapid raw data ingestion in all formats.


Brands need to only commit 3-4 hours weekly to the onboarding, as AskSid’s proprietary vertical AI models fastrack and automate the go-live process.


With 170+ pre-trained retail intents pre-loaded within AskSid’s Retail AI Brain, the digital shopping assistant can handle even the most complex and diverse queries right from the day of launch.


Insights from conversational data are analyzed to derive actionable business opportunities including – demand in new markets, new product lines, potential marketing campaigns, improvement areas, etc.


AskSid can be deployed across websites, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, Zalo, Slack, Microsoft Teams, mobile applications, and even in-store. We support 100+ international languages including English, Bahasa, Vietnamese, French, Dutch, Flemish, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Russian, etc.


AskSid works in tandem with your brand’s human agents to elevate customer experience, collaboratively. The digital assistant automates FAQs and other repetitive queries, while identifying and passing on high intent leads to human agents to close sales.

25% optimization in live chat agent productivity


  • Higher conversions: Simplified and frictionless shopping journeys across channels and immediate resolutions result in 30% higher conversion rates.
  • Insights: Unique demand signals in conversational data are surfaced and analyzed to arrive at deep customer insights leading to a deeper understanding of customers.
  • Better engagement: Natural Language drives intelligent, personalized, and humanized interactions with customers across touchpoints in the shopping journey.
  • Omnichannel and multilingual: Deploy brand experts across channels like webshops, social media, applications, and even in-store, supporting 100+ international languages.  
Service conversations tuned to 92%

Why AskSid?

  • Intuitive intelligence: With vertical AI models that come pre-trained on retail data, AskSid is skilled at fielding even the most complex customer questions, while also providing personalized recommendations at opportune junctures.
  • Collaborative partners: Our team of AI experts and data scientists work towards ensuring retail brands’ great service, valuable partnership, and guidance that leads to growth and bottom-line success for the brand.
  • Domain expertise: Retail ontology is at the very core of every operation at AskSid, driven by deep domain expertise and understanding, leading to vertical AI models built to provide the customer support and experience your brand is looking for.
  • Fast onboarding: Existing technological integrations allows for rapid onboarding that involves minimal involvement from the brand side. 


As a digital shopping assistant, AskSid is poised to disrupt the online retail industry with its proprietary Retail AI Brain, a unique knowledge repository converting raw brand data into tweet-sized Q&As, product tags, intents, and utterances. 

How does AskSid’s Retail AI Brain work?

AskSid AI helps Consumer Goods brands build their very own customized Retail AI Brain – a knowledge base of Q&As, product tags, and intents from available structured and unstructured data. This powers impactful shopping experiences and drives conversions across chatbots and voice bots, while simultaneously extracting deep consumer insights, helping brands uncover new business opportunities.

Below is an example of a generic chatbot lacking retail AI intelligence, as opposed to AskSid’s digital shopping assistant that is backed by vertical AI models and retail ontology.

The image shows how Asksid digital assistant is different from generic chatbot

Customer needs are constantly evolving and keeping pace with them is crucial in ensuring brand growth and success. The quality of retail intelligence your AI partner can bring to the table is directly proportional to the quality of customer experience your brand offers its customers. At AskSid, we only promise what we can deliver, and this is purely based on proven successes with existing retailers whose businesses have benefited greatly from our AI solutions. 

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