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WhatsApp Business API and how it works.

Interactive Messaging With WhatsApp’s Business API – AskSid


A staggering 2 billion people are interacting with retail brands on WhatsApp – making it an invaluable platform to communicate with shoppers. With the launch of WhatsApp Business and now its Interactive Features, the scale of communication via messaging support has skyrocketed. 

More about WhatsApp’s business API features?

This new feature allows brands to provide customers with a variety of messaging features, over and above just plain text. Let’s take a look at the different types of interactive messaging features WhatsApp has launched via their Business API.

  • Designed to make messaging more convenient and improve two-way communication between brands and customers, these interactive features would help brands in reaching higher response rates.
  • With 2 new ways of interactive messaging – List Messages and Reply Buttons, customers can now interact with brands more easily, while also experiencing smoother support.  


WhatsApp business API feature focus: List Messages

  • List Messages gives your customers access to a list of 10 options (10 maximum) in the form of pop-ups
  • Each option can consist of a title and optional description
  • These are easy to use, can be done one at a time, and have a send button to let the brand know of the chosen option
  • Brands can use List Messages to present customers with product catalogs, past orders, or any other relevant options that are over 3 in number. 


WhatsApp business API feature focus: Reply Buttons

  • Reply buttons accompany message text from the brand’s side and makes replying a breeze.
  • With one tap, an option can be selected, with a maximum of 3 reply options allowed in each message.
  • Actions for which brands can utilize Reply Buttons include presenting menu options, product categories, prompting action on a particular product, showcasing payment methods and the list is endless! 


What more does WhatsApp business API offer?

The Interactive Messages feature offered by WhatsApp’s Business API are currently only supported in 24-hour windows for conversation sessions, and not for things like notifications (template messages). One of the best parts of the new WhatsApp Interactive Messages is that they do not require any templates or pre-approvals, making it extremely easy to get started in providing customers a much easier way to communicate and seek support. While customers cannot select more than one option in these new Interactive Features, they can go back anytime and reopen previous messages.WhatsApp Business API’s Interactive Messages are supported on iOS, Android, and other web platforms. 

Why does your retail brand need a chatbot on WhatsApp?

  • Increased engagement: By offering your customers communication easily and conveniently, your brand only stands to win with higher chances of the customer replying.
  • Easy Prompts: Support your customers in making quicker and simpler decisions with less text to be read, and options presented.
  • Personalized support experiences: Your brand’s chatbot or digital assistant can dynamically construct and present the options to customers in real-time, customized to every single customer’s needs and preferences.

To conclude…

All recent research points to the fact that one trend that is here to stay is customers seeking out brands that provide seamless, personalized, and immediate support and shopping experiences. And WhatsApp’s Interactive Message features offer just that, reducing the amount of effort required from the brand’s end, but boosting the quality of engagement exponentially. You also have the option to track customer responsiveness and buying behaviors, leading to the possibility of more proactive support. 

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