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How we can use Facebook messenger for ecommerce

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How Facebook Messenger can Reshape Your E-commerce Game

When Facebook launched its Messenger app back in 2011, nobody was thinking what immense potential was latent inside it. Today, Facebook Messenger has successfully helped advertisers sell countless products seamlessly on the social media platform, without the customer ever having to leave the chat window. Facebook Messenger e-commerce is on the rise for one reason: convenience.

For a platform that has:

Facebook is the place to conduct business. Imagine getting access to this lucrative consumer pool to sell your products; not only would your business be reaching more people, but also across borders on a global level. The Messenger marketplace is creating new possibilities for businesses.

Let’s see how your business benefits from leveraging Facebook Messenger as an active sales channel.

How Facebook Messenger for Business is a Good Idea

The wave of revolutionary changes in the way commerce conducts itself around the globe has changed a lot about sales. But, first thing’s first: consumers want convenience. They don’t wish to move away from their current application just to purchase something. Businesses have thus devised ways to service their customers where they like to be – and Facebook Messenger is proving to be quite the dark horse.

Here are various reasons why Facebook Messenger for business is a good idea:

Take Your Customer Service up by Several Notches

As a feedback channel that is open 24×7, Facebook Messenger has proved to be quite a useful tool for customer service. Contrary to the obsolete methods where customers sent emails to businesses for addressing queries, Facebook marketplace bots have simplified the processes drastically by being highly accessible to customers.

In addition to being available 24×7, the Facebook Messenger shopping bot helps businesses keep the commonly asked questions separate from the unique queries that sometimes come around. Additionally, bots can deliver a consistent and holistic consumer experience through their capability to automatically access historical data on that particular consumer.

Generate Hot / Warm Leads Through Facebook Messenger

The usage statistics of Facebook and Messenger are quite impressive already. With so many users on Facebook every single day, advertising on this platform helps businesses gain access to quality leads that start as warm or hot leads. This reduces much work at the marketing end.

Placing an advertisement in the user’s feed first shows them your products, which they click on if they are interested in knowing more about them. This lead already comes in hotter than leads, given they have already shown interest by clicking on your post.

Personalize Your Marketing Through Facebook Messenger

The commerce world is big on personalized marketing today. There is nothing better than having a pleased customer who wishes to purchase from you again because your brand remembered his t-shirt size.

Through Facebook Messenger, the chat history with the business is easily accessible right there, on the customer’s chat window. Personalizing their experience with your brand on a channel as convenient as chatting on WhatsApp has shaken up the old ways of prospecting and sales.

Being able to benefit from the points mentioned above depends largely on how well you design your Facebook marketplace bot. Here are some points to keep in mind to create effective Facebook Messenger shopping bots.

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Essential Characteristics of a Facebook Marketplace Bot

Ensure that your bot has the following properties.

  • The clarity in communication – Using vague terms, being wordy with information, and beating around the bush drives customers away from the chat. You don’t want that, especially in this competitive environment. Clear language that everybody understands is the way to go.
  • Give your customers some options – Bots aren’t humans and can’t drive the conversation in every scenario just by themselves (yet). To address open-end questions, just draft some options – possible choices – that consumers can pick from.
  • Give consumers their space – The option of blocking a bot is easily available to your customers if your Facebook Messenger bot gets too pushy.
  • Give your consumers a way to get in touch with a real personBots can’t solve everything, and in case a human is required to assist, the customers should have that option within the chat window.
  • Keep improving your bot – Chatbots work on iterative algorithms that improve their functioning with each interaction. Make sure your chatbot is learning the right things.

Equipped with a chatbot that has the properties mentioned above, you can now begin to use Facebook Messenger for e-commerce. Let’s see how to do that.

How to Use Facebook Messenger for E-commerce

There are several steps you need to perform, several things you need to do to make Facebook Messenger for business ready for e-commerce.

Synchronize Your Website and Messenger

To ensure cohesiveness of consumer experience on both the places – Messenger and your website – it is necessary to link your Messenger to your website. All the product updates, price changes, inventory status, etc., needs to stay updated with the Facebook marketplace bot so that your consumers get the latest information.

Orient Your Facebook Marketplace Bot Towards Specific Goals

Do you need leads? Do you need more conversions? Based on your needs, the conversation that your Messenger chatbot steers with a customer changes. For example, to generate more leads, many chatbots employ the “Free effect” principle wherein the chatbot offers freebies to consumers and it helps bring in more leads. People love free stuff.

If conversions are your target from Messenger, give users some actionable element in the interaction. It will help close a sale faster.

Set up Referrals and Rewards

By providing your users with the option to share your Messenger chatbot with more people, you are setting up a subtle, voluntary referral for yourself through the chatbot on Messenger. Additionally, you can go one step further and offer gifts or rewards for sharing. This will help your business generate more leads.


Chatbots don’t necessarily have to be boring. You can set up your Messenger chatbot to provide interesting trivia regarding the purchased products – it creates a positive impression on the user and brings more customers.


Facebook Messenger, when mindfully leveraged, has immense capabilities to become a full-fledged e-commerce aide. In addition to bringing in more leads, improving conversion rates, and driving sales, Facebook Messenger e-commerce can transform your marketing practices.

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