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AskSid continues its retail AI growth trajectory in South East Asia with its Viber integration

Viber with AskSid.ai

JANUARY 24, 2021

With over 1.1 Billion Viber users worldwide, Viber is one of the most popular communication channels, especially in the southeast Asian region and AskSid’s integration is a major milestone for its clients looking to make headway into these international markets.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India; January 24, 2021 – AskSid’s announcement of its successful integration with Viber, one of the most successful communication channels in the world and particularly in South East Asia, supporting over 40 languages, allows the conversational customer service provider to continue strengthening its growth within the region. 

With this additional channel in its digital arsenal, AskSid is now prepared to assist retailers in engaging and selling products and also marketing themselves via the application. With over 820 million monthly active users, brands are realizing the power of Viber’s user base to market and sell their products.

With AskSid’s digital assistant and retail AI brain or customized knowledge base supporting brand experiences on Viber, retail & D2C brands can engage with customers, and develop deeply personalized product discovery, product recommendations, and expert guidance, throughout the shopping journey.

In 2020 alone, Viber witnessed a 400% increase in the Asia-Pacific region, with the pandemic hugely impacting acceptance rates. This Viber Messages API gives retailers a whole new channel to connect and converse with new and existing customers, provide promotional offers and sales announcements, order status updates, and a direct shop on Viber to view and buy products while accessing round-the-clock customer care.

Viber’s Messages API also allows AskSid’s digital shopping assistant to offer customers a visually engaging 2-way immersive user experience with rich text and media options, interactive buttons, and a great mix of visual elements, including the option to send custom keyboards and data in the form of carousels.

“AskSid is thrilled to support Viber as a conversational support channel for our retail clientele across the world and in the South East Asia region in specific, helping us build out conversational support and user experiences for customers that are designed to create a definitive shift from consideration to purchasing. This comes in addition to the channels AskSid currently supports in the region including Zalo, Instagram, and WhatsApp.”

About AskSid

A digital shopping assistant that helps retail brands sell more faster

AskSid is a global conversational solutions company that partners with retail brands to elevate shopping experiences by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. Our capabilities extend beyond support automation, extending to insight extraction, analysis, and business opportunity generation, all by leveraging the power of conversational data. We combine domain expertise and cutting-edge technology to build a Retail AI Brain for our clients, that mines insights from conversational data and becomes the basis of the business opportunity creation we offer. The power of actionable customer data has allowed us to create value and bring change to global brands including AkzoNobel, Danone, Wolford, Akris, and Himalaya. AskSid has live implementations in 23+ countries and supports 100+ international languages, managing millions of satisfied customers the world over.

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Sanjoy Roy