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Retail & D2C brands from around the world have witnessed the impact of AskSid’s knowledge-centric focus in conversational support and experience leading to improved conversions and customer satisfaction.

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    #1 Emerging Business in India (SaaS category) – NASSCOM

    Microsoft recognized AskSid’s global success story for an EU customer

    A Techstars Hub71 Accelerator portfolio company

    UK Customer Service Award-Winning Digital Shopping Assistant

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    If you are looking to go beyond basic chat support

    4 weeks
    6-8 months
    Q&A knowledge base generation
    Customized NLP & NLU library for retail
    170+ pre-trained retail intents
    Product discovery API
    Entity extraction from text and image data
    Automated qualitative insights from unstructured natural language data
    Website cart integration with leading e-commerce platforms
    *AskSid’s go-live involves building the digital assistant, end-to-end user flow journey,
    customized knowledge base including product discovery, complex Q&A generation models, and much more.

    Conversational customer service that’s a class apart

    The crux of what sets AskSid apart lies in the fact that we custom build a Retail AI Brain – an exhaustive and enriched knowledge repository that holds and trains your entire brand data universe.

    AskSid goes beyond basic monthly insight reports, we give you the key to boosting business

    AskSid’s proprietary NLU models surface out evolving customer needs and bring you actionable insights in real-time.

    Every customer is unique, so are our 170+ retail intents

    With 170+ pre-trained retail intents, AskSid can handle even the most complex and diverse queries right from the day of launch.

    From signing the contract to going live in just 4 weeks

    Pre-built e-commerce integrations with the likes of Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, etc. support rapid raw data ingestion, knowledge base and customer experience engine building

    This is what a happy retailer looks like!

    Trusted by the world’s leading retailers

    Live in 23+ countries | Supporting 100+ languages

    Dinny Court

    Head Of Customer Service, Customer Experience, and Transformation Team - AkzoNobel

    We found working with the AskSid team to be a really positive experience. AskSid quickly got up to speed with what we were trying to achieve, creating an excellent user journey that demonstrated we are the most helpful brand and improving the conversion of our website.

    Navninder Singh

    Digital & Ecommerce Head-SE Asia - AkzoNobel

    Through AskSid, we were able to see data and insights which we would have never seen otherwise. We have always assumed consumers are less involved in our category, however, we now realize that they are involved once they get into the purchase journey and explore all avenues to get information.

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