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Role of insights in

Imagine if retail brands could pinpoint the exact moment in the shopping journey where a consumer faced a problem that made them drop off the website? Or if they had a deeper understanding of their consumers’ decision-making process?

With consumer insights, retail brands now have the power to improve the shopping experiences they offer, alter product catalogs, or launch targeted marketing campaigns to address pointed issues faced by their consumers.

The consumer insights and data that are collected over millions of conversations provide a comprehensive and transparent view of what consumers want. Especially what they are currently not getting out of the shopping experience provided.

Dashboards allow a brand’s marketing and sales teams to keep a close tab on every single metric, from the number of conversations, intents identified, unanswered or complex questions, problem areas, most searched categories, and products, among others.

Business benefits of high-powered insights

Improved consumer engagement:

Build lasting consumer relationships by delivering exactly what your consumers want, all backed by deep insights.

Mindfully crafted shopping journeys:

Frictionless shopping journeys are the result of a clear understanding of the consumer’s mind, which can also be improved in real-time through analytical dashboards.

New business opportunities:​

Insights can be mapped to all new business opportunities like discovering demand in new markets, launching new product lines, marketing campaigns, and additional product details, among others, to deliver what consumers want.

Cost savings:

nsights lead to continual improvement in the digital shopping assistant’s algorithms, leading to lowered operational costs over time. Market research and campaign costs can also be brought down considerably with analytical reports clearly outlining what your consumers want.​

Get to know your consumers’ needs more accurately than ever before, with SID!

SIDs precision marketing insights

A factor that sets SID apart from other digital shopping assistants is its deep insights model. Not only is SID a highly efficient digital shopping assistant, but its solutions enable retail brands to identify opportunities and areas of improvement, allowing them to act quicker and understand consumers better.

SID delivers insights through detailed dashboards available for the brand teams to keep a track of business KPIs in real- time. Monthly actionable insights reports are also shared that allow retail brands to go beyond the usual metrics and experience the SID advantage!

Hidden demand signals:

SID combs through millions of conversations to discover hidden demand signals left behind by consumers. These provide brands with factual data on areas of improvement, changes necessary to improve the shopping experience, and ways to satisfy the unmet demands of consumers.

Discover new business opportunities:

Unlike other digital shopping assistants, SID’s deep consumer insights are extracted by combing through conversations and analyzing them based on numerous parameters. This leads to surprising discoveries such as demands in new and unexpected geographies, products that consumers want the brand to launch, and product messaging that can be improved on the e-commerce site to increase sales, among others.

Better marketing campaigns

Targeted marketing campaigns usually involve heavy market research, that in turn, lead to mounting costs. Cut right through these complexities with SID’s insights, that allow retail brands to understand their consumers through the deep insights gathered from conversational data.


Here are a few examples of consumer insights:
  • Firmographic data
  • Usage information
  • consumer loyalty information
  • Consumer service data
  • Competitor analysis
  • Socio-demographic data
  • Brand perception
  • Market research
  • Trends analysis
  • consumer surveys
Consumer insights involve gaining an understanding of shoppers by harnessing consumer data that factors behaviors, traits, experiences, and feedback to create a living and breathing ecosystem driven towards the improvement of the product or service. In simpler words, consumer insights are the window to what a consumer thinks or feels about a business.
Insights that are drawn out using AI models that segregate consumer data into a set of variables and characteristics that allow businesses to answer questions surrounding ideal consumer profile, target audiences, buyer’s journey, patterns, perception, consumer sentiment, and consumer lifetime value.
A consumer insights platform helps maximize consumer lifetime value by anticipating their needs and allowing businesses to adapt to these and deliver richer consumer experiences.

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