Conversational AI Platform

Conversational AI

Transform consumer
engagement and experience
with conversational AI

What is
conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a set of
technologies that work towards
improving conversational abilities
between humans and computers.

In consumer-centric industries like
retail, this technology is designed and
implemented to boost personalization
and support unlike ever before.

Why conversational AI?

As a consumer on your retail brand’s website goes
through your carefully crafted online shopping
journey, they are looking for experiences that are simplified, where product discovery is a breeze. Since every single consumer is logging in through varied devices and different channels, ensuring that help and guidance are provided in the same way, seamlessly, 24/7 is tough.

This is exactly what SID as a digital shopping assistant solves with automated consumer support that is intelligent, intuitive, with the ability to take on complex product questions.

This is done through contextual conversations led
by SID’s Natural Language capabilities and

Looking for a conversational AI led digital shopping assistant? Look no further. 

Technology that makes conversational AI work

Natural Language

We have proprietary NLU models trained on retail ontology that help in understanding your consumer’s intent through different languages, contexts, jargon, slangs, tonality, and grammatical errors. This adds another layer of intelligence to consumer conversations as the AI self-learns and improves over time to converse intuitively.

Omnichannel Experiences

Conversational AI offers your brand the opportunity to dial up the quality of support, and to be present to sell to your consumers irrespective of which channel they are using. SID allows retail brands to provide consistent support across channels where the brand has a presence, without any change in experience for the end consumer.

Machine Learning

Consistently improve with continual analysis and assessment of consumer conversations which over time leads to better intent recognition.


Conversational AI supports personalized experiences based on the user’s journey, interaction history, and behavioral patterns, which help in providing personalized recommendations based on preferences.

Pre-trained AI Models

Our AI models come pre-trained on retail ontology and can ingest raw data in multiple formats, and also use our algorithms to automate conversational output.

Conversational AI formats


True conversational AI can be seen through effective AI chatbots like HeySid, which can think and deliver responses as close to human conversations as possible. These aren’t scripted, but use retail-specific intelligence to retain information and context, connect the dots, and engage in intelligent conversations about the brand and its products.

Voice Bots

Conversational AI enables voice bots to respond to voice inputs with transformational voice usage technology to speak with consumers, and handle large volumes of brand and product data to mimic human interactions as closely and effectively.

SID and conversational AI

Our full-stack vertical AI solutions for retail brands add value by accelerating conversions and simplifying the consumers’ shopping journey.

Our digital shopping assistant extracts raw demand signals from conversational data, leading to consumer insights, which in turn help brands address previously unknown consumer needs.

Conversations are also more intelligent and relevant thanks to our vertical AI models trained on retail data, that support intent identification and deliver an unparalleled shopping experience.

What allows SID to consistently and effectively be updated with the brand’s product data and services are our pre-built integrations with leading
e-commerce platforms like Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, and others, which sets SID apart from other digital shopping assistants in the market.

Business benefits of conversational AI in retail and e-commerce

Consumer engagement:

Leverage conversational AI to provide great one-on-one conversations and experiences that drive stickiness and growth for your brand.


SID’s digital shopping assistant delivers seamless shopping journeys, engagement, and experiences across digital channels.

Driven by data and insights:

Improved quality of conversations leads to improved quality of insights and demand signals that retail brands can use to improve their business.

Reduced costs and increased productivity:

With a digital shopping assistant at your consumer’s disposal, you can cut down on support costs and dedicate agents to higher- value tasks.

Round the clock service:

As a digital shopping assistant, SID delivers instantaneous responses to consumers around the clock with minimized wait times.

Great consumer engagement requires a digital shopping assistant built for retail. Say hello to SID!

How it impacts consumer engagement?

FAQ automation: Conversational AI allows chatbots and voice bots to smoothly handle FAQs on topics like pricing, shipping, order status, etc., along with personalized product recommendations depending on the consumer’s preferences.

Seamless accessibility and experience 24/7: Conversational AI delivers consistent accessibility to consumers no matter which channel or device they are logging in from.

Smooth hand-off to human agents: Even during times of high call volumes, conversational AI allows identification of hot leads and an easy and quick handoff to live human agents to seamlessly close the sale.

Business Benefit For Retailers

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Improved conversations rate
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Optimization in agent and employee productivity
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of all consumer conversations can be self-serviced


Conversational AI-based digital assistants are different from rule-based and scripted chatbots in the sense that a traditional chatbot has pre-coded responses to anticipated consumer queries, whereas digital assistants driven by conversational AI techniques can decipher a consumer’s true intent even if the query hasn’t been phrased properly. It can maintain a conversation with consumers with the same level of understanding human agents would display.
Conversational AI assistants use NLU models that comprise semantic analysis as it helps the chatbot understand the intended meaning and context of the text. The assistants must establish relationships between various entities and intents in the data structure. Thus, NLU is that component of the NLP engine that accrues meaning based on the text machine processes.
Conversational AI-enabled digital assistants can automate almost all consumer interactions, from providing solutions to queries, highly personalized recommendations, and assisting in easy payments and checkouts. Digital assistants these days are highly specialized in intent recognition and knowing when human intervention is most required to close sales.
Conversational AI technology can have several formats to help brands engage with and offer consumer support. These include chatbots, voice bots, mobile assistants, and IVR systems.
If you log on to any website these days, you will most likely notice a chat icon that is there to help you out. This is a digital assistant built on conversational AI technology, with varying levels of expertise based on the type of technology applied to it which determines its level of performance and support.