Conversational AI Platform

Conversational Commerce

Convenience, conversations,
and personalization, delivered.

What is conversational

Everyone is online today, whether it is
on social networks or messaging
applications and e-retailers have been taking notice.

Digital assistants led by conversational
are the next natural move in 
consumer interaction for brands and
creates a direct two-way communication
line so that they can meet their consumers wherever they are.

This enhanced shopping experience can be delivered with the help of conversational
interfaces such as chatbots or voice bots,
anywhere from e-commerce websites to
social media channels like Facebook, and
messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Consumers can now get solutions to their sizing queries, access immediate order support, get personalized recommendations, and even checkout from within the messaging apps or social media networks.

Not only does this improve engagement tremendously with AI bringing personalization to the mix, based on previous consumer conversational data, but it can all be done without consumers have to toggle between different websites and platforms.

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What does it mean for e-retailers?

Moving from great product discovery to accelerated conversions can now happen faster and more smoothly than ever before, thanks to automated communication with consumers. With digital shopping assistants mimicking the in-store guided shopping experience, e-retailers are now adopting AI-powered conversational commerce faster than ever before.

"Stores using conversational commerce,
in the right way, are increasing annual
revenue by 7 to 25%"

Retailers can now move beyond old school reviews and consumer
engagement over emails, and onto direct two-way communication
channels to provide human-like intelligent conversations, that essentially
make purchasing a much easier process for the consumer.

“Connect with 2X–5X more consumers than
you’ve previously done over email”

How does it help e-retailers sell more?

Higher reach for new products:

Notify users on new product launches and reach targeted consumers on their messengers and social media channels, ensuring a wider reach of information, the possibility of better engagement, and a stronger push for sales.

More successful campaigns:

With conversational commerce, brands can develop a 1:1 relationship with consumers, meaning higher knowledge of how to market to them and increased possibilities of conversions.

Faster purchases and decision- making:

Consumers now have a personalized AI-powered digital shopping assistant catering to their every need, meaning zeroing in on products made easier, and product checkouts possible within the application.

Cost savings:

Gone is the need for large market surveys to understand consumers better. With conversational commerce, brands now have access to immediate feedback on a daily basis with people across the world.

Accelerated conversions:

With a one-time setup and deployment of the digital shopping assistant on chosen social media and messaging channels, e-retailers can now up-sell and cross-sell to their consumers.

Seamless checkout:

Scale up shopping experiences from browsing, personalized recommendations, to checkout with easy payment features offered by the digital shopping assistant deployed across channels.

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How does conversational commerce work?

Deliver personalized shopping experiences exactly where and how your
consumers want to interact with your retail brand. 

Without conversational commerce

  • 1

    Shopping experiences are restricted to webshops
  • 2

    Hard to deliver personalized experiences for consumers
  • 3

    Absence of 24/7 expert guidance on various topics
  • 4

    Added complexity of multi-language engagement
  • 5

    High cart abandonment rates and higher returns

With conversational commerce

  • Ability to carry on shopping journeys within social media apps
  • Personalized recommendations and guided product discovery within messaging apps
  • 24/7 real-time expert guidance across channels
  • Easy checkout within social media and messaging apps
  • Post-sale engagement promoting offers, sales, and launches

We introduce an intelligent engagement layer powered by our Retail AI Brain or IntelliSID, that helps retail brands engage better with consumers and demystifies their needs with AI models that self-learn and continuously improve the digital shopping assistant’s ability to provide quick and intuitive resolutions across channels, 24/7.

How does conversational commerce help consumer satisfaction scores?

Omnichannel presence:

Meet your consumers on a channel of their choice with digital shopping assistants deployed to serve your consumers with a great conversational commerce experience.

Natural language and personalization:

Automated consumer intent recognition from conversations allows for personalization opportunities.

Global linguistic reach:

Your brand and products can be accessed by people across the world through multi-lingual digital shopping assistants serving consumers in a language of their preference.

Support automation:

Move all consumer queries encompassing order placement, processing, payment, and tracking to your digital shopping assistant, to provide a truly intelligent interactive experience.

Mimic the in-store shopping experience:

Give consumers the experience of shopping in-store with ever-ready support at every stage of the shopping journey.

Why invest in conversational commerce for your retail brand?

47 %

Companies that use chatbots in retail seen as efficient (47%), innovative (40%) and helpful (36%)

77 %

Of customers say chatbots will transform their expectations of companies in the next 5 years

14 %

Given the choice between filling out a website form or getting answers from a chatbot, only 14% of customers would choose the form

43 %

Of users between the ages of 16 and 64 are using voice search and voice commands on various devices

63 %

Of consumers would consider messaging an online chatbot to communicate with a business or brand

$8 B

Chatbots will be responsible for business cost savings of over $8 Billion annually by 2022

2.5 B

Consumers and businesses will save 2.5 Billion hours with chatbots by 2023


Conversational commerce refers to the confluence of messaging apps and commerce into a single service window from where a brand can cater to its consumers without them having to navigate away elsewhere.
Some examples of conversational commerce include shopping assistance, personalized recommendations, pre-sales guidance, one-click purchases via chat, automated order delivery confirmations, order updates, and much more.
Conversational commerce isn’t a straightforward, plug-and-play technology, it is a combination of various tools, enablers, and catalyzers that make a one-stop-shop online environment possible for a consumer, some of which include messaging applications, deploying conversational AI, real-time chat, voice-based assistants, all which can be used to provide consumers with the kind of convenience they are looking for.
Conversational commerce implementations are scalable. Whether your business grows into other industries or if there is a surge in communications, c-commerce platforms support scaling at minimal investment and make it possible to optimize budgets without compromises. This method of shopping is set to become something that can be done on the fly, without ever needing to pick up any device when augmented by voice-based virtual assistants. The present growth of conversational commerce guarantees a shining future.
A conversational commerce platform is one where brands can deliver personalized shopping experiences whenever and however the consumers may find convenient.

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