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Customer Service Bot

Elevate customer support
experiences, with AskSid!

Drive intelligence in
every conversation

Hand over challenges like repetitive product or order queries, skyrocketing call volumes, or managing agent dependency to AskSid’s Customer Service Bot, while you concentrate on your retail business goals.

How does AskSid’s Customer Service Bot work?

AskSid’s Customer Service Bot is designed to automate complex customer queries that go beyond basic FAQs. A self-assist AI Customer Service Bot that allows consumers to get instant shopping guidance, anytime and anywhere.

The Customer Service chatbot’s sophisticated retail AI models work round-the-clock, analyzing customer trends, patterns, and interactions, getting smarter every single second.

of incoming customer calls are order status-related, something that AskSid's Customer Sevice Bot automates, driving 25% operational cost savings from day one!

Interpersonal support 24/7

Provide seamless and personalized support by deploying AskSid’s AI Customer Service Bot on your eCommerce website and watch the magic of AI play out!

Retail use cases of AskSid’s Customer Service Bot

AskSid’s AI Customer Support Bot has helped a European luxury retailer transform their approach customer support and customer experience, with the following business outcomes.

Read more about AskSid’s AI customer support bot:

Seamless customer support at every step

Automate FAQs

Omnipresent support 24/7

Rapid onboarding

Order status automation

Business benefits

25% reduction in operational costs

92% of questions can be self-serviced

Reduced call volumes

Increased agent productivity

Online 24/7 even out of office hours

Take your retail digital shopping assistant live in 4 weeks with AskSid