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explore the impact of data in retail with the help of ai

Crafting Data-driven Retail Intelligence

How does data influence the success of your conversational customer service strategy? AskSid’s new e-book talks all about the role data play in the success of your customer loyalty and customer conversions strategy, and the overall shopping experience offered.

The e-book covers:

  • Data centralization and training in an evolving retail landscape
  • How data acts as a stepping stone towards customer satisfaction
  • What is an AI-powered knowledge base?
  • Does your brand need an AI-enabled knowledge repository?
  • How AskSid builds its retail AI brain?

Download the complete e-book here: https://asksid.ai/crafting-data-driven-retail-intelligence-asksid/ 

AskSid is a conversational customer service platform that uses cutting-edge AI technology to answer every kind of question your CPG or D2C e-commerce consumers are asking about your products – anytime, anywhere! Also, gain deep consumer insights from every interaction that leads to all new business opportunities and helps you understand the pulse of what your consumers want.

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