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Product Discovery Bot

Guide your customers to the exact
product that fits their needs

Make product discovery a breeze across digital channels

One of the trickiest challenges retailers have to solve for their online customers is connecting them to the exact product or choice of products that meet their search keywords or queries.

What can solve this problem effectively and efficiently is AskSid’s Product Discovery Bot – a tool that allows businesses to create a path of least resistance between customers and their desired products. 

Eliminate human intervention in product discovery

Lead customers to the right product in seconds

Expert guidance at every step of product discovery

Benefit from AskSid’s Product Discovery Software and APIs

Increase your chances of sales with seamless product discovery

Frictionless retail product discovery tools

With AskSid’s Product Discovery Bot powering your search bar with its retail intelligence, get ready to deliver accurate results even for complex and long-tail searches.

Tags generation and product enrichment

AskSid’s retail AI models identify product tags and attributes and can link the customer’s queries with the right set of products intelligently. The result – faster and more accurate product discovery for your customers leading to higher conversions.

24/7 expert guidance

Retail intelligence becomes a part of every level of customer support, leading to intuitive and accurate product discovery guidance round-the-clock.

Retail use cases of AskSid’s Product Discovery Bot

AskSid’s Product Discovery Bot is live across various retail digital channels for global brands, supporting product discovery for customers in more ways than just a simple chat function.

Our Product Discovery tools and APIs seep through every level of the user flow journey that we build along with retail brands, to ensure that any customer request, no matter how complex, results in an accurate suggestion by our bot.

The success story of AskSid’s Product Discovery Bot

For a European luxury retailer, for instance, AskSid built out and implemented all aspects of product discovery tools, from powering their chat support, search bar for long-tail keywords, to helping customers discover the exact size they need.

All of these aspects work in conjunction to produce a shopping experience that is seamless, free of hurdles caused by shopper’s confusion, and most importantly, experiences that are designed to result in a closed sale!

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