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Tailor-made recommendations = Higher sales

AskSid’s AI-based Product Recommendation Bot has been designed for retail brands to bring a whole new world of hyper-personalization to global audiences.
Round-the-clock bespoke customer support is now a reality, with AI-based advice bots at your shopper’s service.

How does AskSid’s Product Recommendation Bot work?

AskSid’s Product Recommendation Bot breaks through all friction points in the shopping experience by reducing the stress related to product search.
  • Every customers’ interaction data is tracked and analyzed by AskSid’s AI models.
  • Recommendations are arrived at based on a robust customer profile built by the product recommendation bot’s analysis.
  • These personalized recommendations are delivered via the advice bot, which also takes into account current trends and buying patterns.
  • The AI chatbot can also integrate seamlessly with the retail brand’s personalization engine (if one exists) to deliver a consistent experience across the websites and other digital channels.

Retail use case of AskSid’s Product Recommendation Bot

AskSid’s AI-based Product Recommendation Bot’s benefits are especially useful when customer data is low and the brand needs to keep up personalization at every step of the shopping journey.
AskSid’s Product Recommendation Bot has proven to be a great success for European luxury e-retailers in Austria and Switzerland with close to 1,000 successful product recommendation delivered.

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Dinesh Sharma,

CTO & Co-founder at AskSid
Our product recommendation feature is built to support constant feedback into our AI models that are constantly self-learning directly from the source of information – the user, to become smarter, more intuitive, and accurate with time.

Business Impact

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