The only digital shopping assistant built specifically for retail. That’s SID.


The core of intelligent conversations

Centralized Knowledge Base

Structured and unstructured product and past consumer data are automatically centralized and continually enriched

Minimal Effort

Eliminates all manual effort by automating data ingestion, and using pre-trained models (intents, products tags, utterances and more)

Driving Force

Think of IntelliSID as the ringleader of our retail solutions, it empowers each solution to deliver an exceptional consumer experience

  • Knowledge base of tweet sized Q&As
  • Tag enriched product data
  • Proprietary ML algorithms pre-trained on retail ontology
  • Automated onboarding process
  • Proprietary AI models


Assist your consumers, wherever they are

Retail Expert Chatbot

170+ unique retail intents help in delivering personalized 1:1 consumer engagement 24/7

Deployable in Chat or Voice

Consistent and seamless conversations across Webshop, Facebook, Whatsapp, and in physical stores

Driving Personalized Engagement

AI powered conversations, recommendations, and resolutions, leading to accelerated conversions, increased sales, and reduced call volumes

  • Accelerated conversions
  • Increased sales
  • 170+ unique retail intents
  • Increased self-serviced conversations
  • Reduced call volumes
  • Increased agent productivity


Adios wait times

Seamless Escalations

SID intuitively knows when queries require immediate human agent intervention and escalates the same seamlessly

Replay with Ease

The agent can easily access the consumer-bot conversation on the agent console and save the consumer's time

Consumer Delight

This system minimizes repetition necessary from the consumer and makes the entire interaction quick and efficient

  • Access to conversation history
  • Agent console for easy access
  • Shorter wait times for consumers to seek help
  • Increased agent productivity


The perfect amalgam of human and AI

Intuitive Handoff

In high trigger moments or while closing in on a qualified lead, SID automatically passes the conversation to a human agent

Intelligent Dashboards

The SwitchSID dashboard ensures intelligent call routing only to human agents who are free, thus reducing wait time

Empowering Agents

SID ensures seamless call distribution and puts a limit on the number of agent calls accepted

  • Seamless handoff to human agents
  • Accelerated conversions
  • Improved agent productivity


Continuous AI enrichment

IntelliSID's coach

TrainSid deals directly with IntelliSID to ensure that your retail intents, enrichment, topic modeling, sentiment analysis, etc., are always updated

Round the Clock Learning

Domain and conversational data, along with unanswered consumer questions are fed into IntelliSID to assist it in operating efficiently

Training Toolbox

Designed to keep IntelliSID's performance in the best shape 365 days a year

  • AI & ML algorithms
  • Enrichment of product data
  • Unanswered questions


Access every conversation in real-time

Consumer data at your disposal

MonitorSID provides you with quantitative data to track every small move, from number of live conversations, data collected, and metrics, among others

Real-time Tracking

Monitor and track data so that you can jump in with real-time action to help consumers out, whenever necessary

Customizable dashboards by brand

SID configures dashboards and metrics based on the brand’s needs and what they want to measure, such as top searches, popular products, top Q&A categories, among others.

  • KPI dashboard
  • Timely intervention
  • Transparent view of consumer journey


Tap into your consumer's mind with a click

Retail Insights

The only digital shopping assistant in the world offering nuanced and retail specific insights that go beyond monthly performance reports

Connect the Dots

IntelliSID connects the dots between millions of consumer conversations and maps them to business opportunities and evolving needs

Qualitative Data

SID provides you with actionable areas of improvement that could potentially impact your bottom line

  • Precision marketing insights
  • Explore new markets, product categories and campaigns
  • In-depth look into buying behavior
  • Discover untapped consumer needs