Customers = Heroes! Here’s saluting our heroes, Customer Service Agents and Marketers.


Have we as an industry ever stopped to consider, that there is a specialized set of professionals filling the gap between the product and the end customer, working day and night to ensure just one simple thing – happy customers?

Say hello to the Customer Service Agents and Marketers of the world.

Not only do they ensure that even the smallest issue faced by their customers is solved, but they do it with a smile. All of this stems from a pure passion that drives these superheroes to overcome any hurdle between their customers and their happiness. This is especially pertinent right now, when the world is facing a pandemic, with lockdowns being imposed and businesses struggling to survive. To help others is one’s greatest achievement, but to do so in challenging circumstances like Covid 19, is only driven by the passion to serve. This article is dedicated to all those Customer Service Agents and Marketers, who set a shining example of what it takes to truly create happy customers.

At, our value system as an organization stems from the foundation of helping our end customers, i.e. Customer Service Agents and Marketers, achieve the pinnacle of professional success every single day, through the support of our solutions. Think of as the pillar of support for your company’s customer experience function, because that’s how we plan to revolutionize the way your end customers perceive and respond to your brand!

Just like your customer service agents and marketers are passionate to improve their customers’ lives, so are we. The inspiration we gain from their passion and drive, only leads to continual improvement from our end. Because, we’re ultimately in this, to ensure the happiness and success of every Customer Service Agent and Marketer out there, through our innovative AI solutions.

Both these groups of ours are undeniably selfless, working day and night with their teams, creating plans and strategies to solve real problems for real people. Customer Service Agents, as we all know, are first in the line of support and service when it comes to customers, ensuring that their callers get all the answers and resolutions they need. And whenever it comes to customer engagement and higher level problem solving, it’s the Marketers to the rescue. And right behind them, supporting them every step of the way, is

We truly believe our core values and principles are what tie us so closely with these two groups. Customer service agents are best at selling and that is what they should do when a customer calls in. Our #AI solution handles all the repetitive and transactional questions from consumers such as order status, delivery delays etc while connecting the ‘high intent’ buyers straight to the agent so that he can make a sale. Same goes for marketers, where our intelligent AI technology supports everything they could possibly need to get deeper insights and a thorough understanding of their end customers.


Ultimately, Customer Service Agents, Marketers and echo one value and one goal – customer happiness. Whether it is them solving real-time end customer problems, or us at supporting them in this pursuit with our technological offerings. These are professionals that need to be celebrated and recognized for their relentless efforts and motivation to do whatever it takes, to make that one customer smile. But the question is, how do we celebrate them?

Well, we have a few ideas.Stay tuned to know what we at have in store for our heroes – the Customer Service Agents and Marketers of the world.