Every Brand needs a digital product expert!

Every Brand is in the business of making & selling a ‘Product’. Assuming you have made a ‘good product’ that meets a need in the market, what is that one fundamental core competency that you (as a brand) need, to sell more of your products? I believe, it is your ability to answer product questions asked by your customers at that zero moment of truth.

Think about the last time you (as a shopper) bought something from your favorite brand. You went into the brand’s store (physical or web), you looked around the assortment on display, found some relevant choices (with some struggle) and then while evaluating which one to buy, you had so many questions on these products – Questions that are to do with the product knowledge and those that can be answered only by a product expert from the brand. Was it easy for you to find those answers? If you were shopping at the store, probably it was relatively easier – you would have asked your questions to the store associate and hopefully (although not always) she knew the answer. What about when you were buying online?

Let’s take my example from last weekend. I needed to buy a new trimmer, I go to my favorite brand’s web-shop and I was welcomed with hundreds of options, loads of images and text information 90% of which I either did not need or I didn’t care. All I cared for was a trimmer that works for both head and beard, has the 2 specific attachments that I am used to and is waterproof. That, it was a struggle to get answers to my questions while I was wading through the different options, is an obvious understatement.  And till today I have not bought my trimmer!

At AskSid.ai we help brands solve this specific problem. Our vision is to organize and enrich product knowledge in a way that makes shopping easy and convenient, inspiring every consumer to buy. With 2 global brands as our customers and after going live in 14 European countries with multiple channels, it is clear that consumers have product questions and without the answers, they will simply not buy. And therefore, at AskSid.ai we firmly believe that every brand (regardless of what product you make) needs a digital product expert who understands the domain ontology, is available online across channels & 24×7 addressing product questions of your consumers. Beyond our 2 customers who are pioneering the way forward in this regard, the most recent example is none other than BMW who launched their digital product expert last week as an in-car personal assistant helping BMW drivers with any questions on their car. (https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/06/bmw-launches-a-personal-voice-assistant-for-its-cars/?utm_source=Direct)

I am excited at the pace in which this new trend is fast emerging. On one side I see global brands embracing this opportunity not just to improve conversions but also to discover insights from product questions consumers ask which often leads to multi-faceted and cross-functional impact on marketing, new product innovation and promotions. On the other side Vertical AI technology is finding a new meaning and thanks to the investment and focus from biggies such as Microsoft in laying out the foundation technology layer, Vertical AI in its truest sense is already becoming a new normal.

If you would be interested to learn more about what we do or share some of your perspective on the above, I welcome you to reach me via our website www.asksid.ai or my email sanjoy.roy@asksid.ai

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