Why conversational AI is crucial to move your brand beyond “contact us”?

By Prajwal Simha

According to Business Standard, digitally influenced spending in emerging markets alone will be around $4 Trillion by 2022. What does this mean to global brands? Quite simply it means that they need to re-invent their consumer engagement strategy. Solely depending on having a website that is commerce-enabled might not be enough to capture a significant share of this online spending and brands who understand this will emerge as the future winners.

Also, It’s no secret that in recent times, the face of e-commerce has undergone immense changes too. Many brands have set up shops online (barring exceptions such as Chanel who still don’t believe in ‘online’) and the consumers are relieved by the fact that it’s possible to buy ANYTHING while sitting on their couch or traveling to work. With this new way of shopping where convenience precedes everything else, the old school ways of “popping into a store” and availing the assistance of the sales representative is fast becoming a thing of the past. But, the same product questions one would ask at a store still remain to be answered. This is where the “Brand-Consumer” interaction is undergoing a lot of changes and the Brand must re-invent its engagement strategy if it has to survive.

What if there was a capable and reliable way for the brand to stay in touch with every customer 24×7? Sort of like a digital store representative on the website (or other channels), an expert on all the products that the brand offers and ready to guide the customer attenuated to his/her needs?

One way to achieve this is to tap into the ocean of Artificial Intelligence potential that is only growing every minute. An intelligent chat or voice interface that understands the intention of the consumer and that makes the journey of the user a lot less tedious. From product discovery, Q&A about various products, taking customer service requests and most importantly, let a customer service representative have a conversation with the customer whenever required. A platform like this has been proven to make the brand more accessible, reliable and helpful to the end-user. Saving best for the last, deriving insights from the conversations to improve the user journey as well as the brand’s understanding of what the customer needs also forms the core of the system.

We at help brands realize that such personalized communication with the end-users at scale is the key and insights which arise from that are invaluable – be it new product ideas, enriching the product catalog with additional information or also at times smart replenishment of high demand SKUs. And finally, It’s proven to directly have a positive impact on conversions (2X in some instances)!

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