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Perfect customer experience on your Shopify website with AskSid

What makes Shopify the world’s leading e-commerce platform? Is it the 1.75 million merchants that sell on the platform, or the 1.59 million websites that use Shopify? With a presence in 175+ countries and a growth rate of 78% in 2020 alone, Shopify is considered a one-stop-shop when it comes to building an e-commerce store. While Shopify takes care of hosting your online store, customer experience is still something you need to build yourself.
With AskSid’s pre-existing Shopify integrations, we are able to assist existing Shopify online stores to build robust customer experience engines that traverse the entire length and breadth of the customer’s journey, right from product discovery to checkout. Leverage AskSid’s conversational intelligence, retail domain expertise, and most importantly, our Shopify integrations, to get the most out of Shopify as an e-commerce platform.

Out-of-the-box e-commerce connectors

Automate the import of your complete brand data universe from Shopify’s system into AskSid’s canonical data models, which form the foundation of the customer support extended to every single customer.

Go omnichannel with your Shopify-enabled assistant

Empower your customers to shop across any of your brand’s channels without the need for any new app installation with AskSid’s deep integration with Shopify.

Design exceptional user flows

Work with AskSid’s AI experts to craft the most optimal user experience and shopping journeys, right from product discovery, checkout, and even expert guidance, all within one application.

"Around 11% of total orders are influenced by AskSid Virtual Advisor."

(For one of our Shopify customers)

What does it mean for retailers?

Easier product

Build out and deploy key customer experience features like product discovery, order tracking, cart handling, and checkout in just 4 weeks with AskSid’s retails AI models.

Minimal effort from
brand’s end

Your brand’s involvement is limited to connecting AskSid to your Shopify system, and the rest is automated by us.

Swift go-live and

AskSid’s Shopify expertise enables swift execution of any enhancements and customizations needed in your conversational experience.

"Stores using conversational commerce, in the right way, are increasing annual revenue by 7 to 25%."

Sell more with a Shopify shopping assistant

AskSid transforms customer experience for a European fashion
retailer hosted on Shopify

Why partner with AskSid?

Seamless integration with Shopify

AskSid abides by Shopify’s authentication and access mechanisms, allowing for seamless integration with its APIs.

Stay updated with Shopify features & launches

With AskSid’s Shopify connectors, you can rest assured to stay updated with all Shopify releases and updates, meaning any new Shopify features can be easily incorporated by AskSid and translated into the Virtual Advisor and customer shopping journey on offer.

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