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Size Finder Bot

Automated size finder experience
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Transform the way consumers shop with AskSid’s Size Finder Bot

With AskSid’s unique sizing visualizer – the Size Finder Bot, consumers can now gauge the size of their product more accurately then ever before.
This AI body measurement tool accepts basic sizing inputs based on which the consumer’s size is computed by Asksid’s Retail AI Brain

How does AskSid’s Size Finder Bot work?

  • AskSid’s Retail AI brain powers seamless size measurements across webshops and all brand channels digitally reducing any buying hesitation based on sizing issues.
  • Size selection is often a deterrent for an interested customer and by eliminating ambiguity in decision making, AskSid’s Size Finder Bot, the perfect online sizing tool for retail, supports rapid sales closures and improved conversion rates.
  • This is especially useful for tricky categories where consumers tend to require more support like skin wear, lingerie, footwear, among others.

Retail Use Case of AskSid’s Size Finder Bot

For Europe’s leading skin wear brand Wolford, on whose brand channels AskSid’s Size Finder Bot is deployed, consumers can shop with ease, with constant guidance via our Q&A Bot coupled with the pop-up Size Finder Bot’s AI body measurement assistance.
This has led to a definitive increase in conversions in specific product categories for the brand, leading to improved bottom lines.

Wolford uses AskSid to deliver luxury online support

Business Impact

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