Conversational AI solution specialized for your Business

An AI that is constantly improving itself to provide best in class service to your customers

Retail AI Chatbot

  • AI powered chatbot which can engage with the customers to guide them at every stage of shopping and inspire them to buy
  • Customizable conversation journeys defined by the business available across multiple channels and languages
  • User's intention led multi-turn conversational experience

Retail NLP

  • Chatbot recognizes the intent of the customer through AI and performs a curated action for that intent
  • Preloaded intents specific to retail domain ensures a smooth user experience
  • Customizable chatbot reactions for every intent with highly flexible bot flows
  • Proprietary NLP that understands the nuances of retail and makes the bot more intelligent

Retail Ontology

  • The solution understands retail ontology and comes with its proprietary retail domain model. This enables hassle-free import of product catalog, inventory, pricing and promotions data into the AskSid solution thereby accelerating time to market.
  • The codified ontology enables extraction of attributes and relationship among these attributes. This allows rapid training and deployment of the underlying proprietary AI and Machine Learning models.

Cognitive Workbench

  • Self Learning AI models with automated training and deployment
  • Out of the box AI algorithms for answering customer’s questions which leverage vertical AI
  • Easy to use Knowledgebase management workflow
  • Simplified and quick to use apps for intents, entities and sentiments management
  • Enrich catalogue data through automated processes
  • Solution self learns from every question asked to provide highly accurate answers to customers

Live Chat Handoff

  • Intelligent bot that knows when your customer needs human help and escalate accordingly
  • Takes the customer through seamless handover from bot to human agent and vice versa
  • Web based Agent Console supporting simulataneous conversations and multiple agents
  • Keeps agents on their toes with real-time dashboard and notifications

Multiple Channels & Languages

  • Works on multiple channels like Web, Mobile, Facebook, Skype and in-store
  • Support for 15 international languages and counting
  • Flexible and configurable user interfaces and conversation flows for different market segments

AI Powered Conversational Search

  • AI powered conversational search which can derive context and meaning out of the words typed, to guide users to the right products
  • Catalogue indexing and enrichment with intelligent auto-tagging
  • Constantly growing synonym dictionary, unique to your business
  • Out-of-the-box typo tolerance
  • Ability to customize search rules defined by the business
  • Rich search suggestions delivered on every key-stroke from processing historical search data and user behaviour
  • Powerful filtering of results with pre-built & customizable facets

Personalization and Recommendation

  • Personalised products discovery, qna and conversation flows.
  • Precise product recommendations

Automated Insights

  • Fully customizable real-time dashboards
  • Analytics engine for automated reporting
  • Qualitative and actionable marketing insights from chatbot conversation data(messages)

Deep Integration with e-commerce systems

  • Deep integration with e-commerce systems, like Salesforce, Shopify, Magento and more, for up-to-date catalogue, inventory and promotions data to delight the users with end-to-end conversational shopping experience.
  • Pre-built integrations with leading CRM and helpdesk systems for seamless Customer support handling.
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