Conversational AI Platform

Solutions - By Channel

Seamlessly engage with your consumers
across digital and offline channels


Contextualizes shopping experiences for consumers based on where they have
initiated the conversation from

Facilitates effortless integration with websites that is as easy as adding a line of code

SID is proficient in identifying and passing on quality leads to
human agents to close sales


Improve your brand campaign engagement rates with SID

SID is present right within the brand's Facebook page enabling consumers to buy from within Messenger

Consumers can be seamlessly connected to live agents at any point in their shopping journey


Personalized one-on-one engagement with high intent buyers during campaigns

Your brand expert SID guides consumers to the exact products they need

Consumers can shift to the live chat option at any point in their shopping journey

Invest in a digital shopping assistant backed by retail AI intelligence, driving engagement across channels!


Gain quality insights that give you direct access to consumer questions based on store locations, zip codes, branches, etc.

Offer consumers an uncomplicated contactless shopping experience in-store with SID using QR codes placed along product aisles

SID acts as your in-store salesperson, assisting consumers through everything from product discovery, availability, purchase, and billing

Mobile Apps

Pre-existing integrations with mobile app SDKs allows for seamless integrations even within the brand's mobile app

SID’s AI models are adept at focusing on leads that are guaranteed to convert into sales

Get an in-depth view into your consumer’s shopping journey, choices, and decision-making with our advanced AI analytics feature

Other Channels

Available on several popular social media channels including Line, Telegram, Zalo, Slack, Microsoft Teams, SMS, among others

SID's retail AI brain - IntelliSID, powers exceptional experiences across these channels that are both consistent and contextual to meet customer needs efficiently

The Natural Language interactions SID has across these channels leads to retail intelligence that's available on online and offline channels

Voice Assistant

The retail AI brain, IntelliSID, comprises a set of APIs making it a breeze to deliver impactful shopping experiences across different voice channels

Popular voice channels like Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and many more are supported by SID

SID supports Natural Language interactions on IVR channels through its Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech capabilities