From consumer conversations to insights that help your business, make it seamless with SID

Customer Conversions

Customer Conversions

Proactively accelerating your conversions

SID works towards exceeding consumer expectations in every interaction, meaning reduced abandoned carts, and more converted consumers.

Amplifying customer acquisition
  • Your retail expert SID identifies and qualifies leads ensuring their needs are always met
  • Qualified leads get transferred in real-time to human agents to close the sale
  • SID and human agents are connected through a dashboard, ensuring qualified leads are never missed
Proactively engaging interactions
  • SID gets ahead of known consumer needs by preemptively offering recommendations to narrow down product search
  • With all your products mapped in IntelliSID, SID delivers great resolutions for even the most complex requests
  • NLP product search further supports SID in exceeding consumer expectations
Seamless shopping across channels
  • Being channel-agnostic, wherever your consumers are shopping, the experience is seamless and consistent
  • Your foundation comes pre-set, with pre-built integrations across leading e-commerce platforms, so SID can go live immediately
  • Always stay ‘in the know’ of consumer activity and preferences with real-time quantitative performance analytics at your agent’s fingertips

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  • Accelerate conversion rate by 30%
  • Proprietary AI models pretrained on retail ontology
  • IntelliSID customized to your brand and consumer profile
  • e-commerce integrations
Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Insights that drive action

SID drives millions of conversations that contain scores of untapped consumer needs, that can now be used to bring out actionable business changes.

Uncovering hidden demand signals
  • SID picks up on consumer preferences and clues left behind in conversations
  • Detailed reports help you plan out necessary changes
  • SID’s insights helped a premium European retailer overcome inadequate product information, leading to increased conversions
Explore new business opportunities
  • SID is constantly combing through conversational data to point you towards new business opportunities
  • Business opportunities include new viable markets, product lines, campaigns, and additional product details, among others
  • SID’s insights drove a luxury retailer to discover heavy demand in 2 new international markets
Customized campaigns
  • Save on marketing research about consumer needs, because with SID, this data is already in your hands
  • Action out campaigns that specifically target what your consumers are looking for
  • SID helped a global wellness brand recognize inadequate messaging and re-launch their campaign to fix the problem

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Read more to see how SID's insights allowed a brand to discover new business opportunities

Read more to see how SID's insights helped a brand customize highly effective product campaigns

  • Peek into your consumer's mind
  • Discover new business models, product lines and markets
  • Launch tailor-made campaigns and relevant product messaging
Customer Support

Customer Service

Drive intelligence in every conversation, with SID

Let SID take care of challenges like repetitive product or order queries, skyrocketing call volumes, and managing agent dependency, while you concentrate on your retail business goals.

Automate your FAQs
  • SID’s advanced chatbot, HeySID, proactively handles repetitive queries, without any human intervention
  • Complex service requests unique to your retail brand like loyalty points and warranty claims are managed
  • Keep your human agents engaged with higher value tasks, while you leave the rest to SID
Omnipresent support 24/7
  • SID meets your consumers seamlessly and consistently across Webshop, Facebook, Whatsapp, and emerging channels
  • Supports 15+ languages and understands complex context cues for engaging with a global audience
  • SID makes it easy for consumers to help themselves with the self-service feature
Rapid onboarding
  • Onboarding in 4-6 weeks so that SID can get to work on improving your consumer engagement immediately
  • SID comes pre-built with integrations to shopping applications, and order APIs store locators, making onboarding a breeze
  • Data learning process from past questions and FAQs is completely automated when you work with SID

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  • Reduced call volumes
  • Increased agent productivity
  • Online 24/7
  • Omnichannel presence
  • 25% reduction in consumer service operational costs
  • 92% of consumer questions can be self-serviced with SID

Delivering impactful consumer experiences

Go omnichanel with SID

By deploying the revolutionary IntelliSID where your consumers are, you can now meet them on Webshop, Mobile, Whatsapp, and even in-store

Think global, act local with SID

SID drives powerful engagement with chat and voice bots communicating with your global audiences in 15+ native global languages