Conversational AI Success Story

Success Stories

AskSid.AI puts the power of optimised consumer journeys in the hands of clients to bring them valuable insights that converted to real revenue outcomes.

About the client:

Dominating the global Paints industry with €15 Billion revenue, the company employs over 46,000 people and has leading brands in over 80 countries.

The challenge:

Choosing the right colour and right product for home improvement projects can be daunting and tediously time-consuming for consumers. This brand wanted to help. Moreover with no centralized product knowledgebase, thousands of product questions went unanswered and undiscovered

Our Platform helped the brand to realize:

  • Accelerated conversions ––2X conversions and 40% increased leads for Customer Service teams to convert.
  • Seamless human agent handoff ––12,000+ one to one conversations a month that were driven by Virtual Advisor
  • Customized user journeys –– Integration with Mobile App allowed customers to discover the right colour and product and also visualize the colour on their walls.
  • Far more intelligent insights ­­–– Brands could upsell premium products, customizing business rules that were configured by markets.

Far more intelligent actions. Far more intelligent results.

Before Virtual Advisor: UK customers look to paint metal surfaces in March/April, but business could not identify what type of metal surface – Is it outdoor cast-iron garden tables? Is it a fence? Is it metal cabinets inside the house?

After Virtual Advisor: Questions from Virtual Advisor conversations highlighted exactly what customers were looking for, boosting conversions. The UK customers look to paint radiators inside their home. Period. And the brand has two products in its stable tailor-made for radiator surfaces.

Asksid.AI seamlessly on-boarded the brand across multiple markets each in just 4 weeks helping in accelerating conversions and simplifying the shopper’s journey. The centralised knowledge base on products and colours is helping the brand mine consumer insights and demand signals like never before.
Speedy onboarding in just 4 weeks
Currently being deployed in 35+countries
Multiple languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch and many more
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