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AskSid.AI puts the power of optimised consumer journeys in the hands of clients to bring them valuable insights that converted to real revenue outcomes.

About the client

Founded in Austria in 1950, this brand is a market leader for luxury legwear and bodywear. The company designs and manufactures its products exclusively in Europe and has established a strong reputation of delivering high-end products and high-end customer service.

The challenge:

“The brand was looking for ways and means to deliver the same high standard of service online as its customers have come to expect in its boutiques. The need was to create a personal conversation on digital with its customers and in the process accelerate conversions. Moreover, insights were not being leveraged, and speed to market with regards to customer service needed a rethink.”

Our platform helped the brand to realise:

  • Accelerated Conversions –– 40% higher conversions by Private Shopper when compared to traditional Webshop conversions
  • Continuous Product Catalog Enrichment with 1000+ new product questions discovered by Private Shopper
  • Deep consumer preferences –– Actionable Insights impacting cross-functional KPIs across online business, marketing, and New product trends.
  • Far more intelligent platform that understands fashion domain ontology, fashion-specific NLP that keeps learning and bettering itself.

Far more intelligent actions. Far more intelligent results.

Before Private Shopper – The ‘Fatal Dress’ is an instore bestseller perfect for would-be mothers,  however this is not mentioned in the digital catalog.

After Private Shopper–Questions from Private Shopper conversations highlighted that pregnant women want to buy the ‘Fatal Dress’. Safety was a high concern among the mothers.

The R&D team reaffirmed that it was completely safe for mothers-to-be, allowing teams to react in real-time and update the catalog.

Asksid.AI enabled their online shoppers now to get instant answers to questions around the clock and receive personalized 'Style Me' product recommendations Simple fact: More conversations, more intelligent our self-learning algorithms get.
Far more intelligent actions.
Far more intelligent One-of-a-Kind ‘STYLE ME feature launched.
Multiple channels – 14 countries, Skype, FB
Recognized by Microsoft as a global
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