Sanjoy Roy | Co-Founder

I have 21 years of tech industry experience in digital and data, spanning continents and multiple large companies, before culminating to becoming an entrepreneur in 2017– the dream is to build, from just a mere idea to a global AI product company and help dispel the myth that India can only produce great services companies, not great product companies. I am fanatically passionate about just 2 things – helping my customers to win big and serving my team to dream big. Life’s motto: ‘Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead’.

Dinesh Sharma | Co-Founder

I have 21+ years of experience in architecting and deploying enterprise scale products and solutions for Retail, Consumer Goods, Finance, and Travel domains. An Open Source enthusiast, I am passionate about solving real-world complex problems through simple, scalable, and performing solutions. In 2017 I started my entrepreneurial journey to translate an idea from mind to paper to a Vertical AI SaaS solution. A firm believer of ‘Thinking will not overcome fear but action will. Take that first step’.

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