Conversational AI Platform


Technology that fosters impactful
retail shopping experiences

Integrations with leading e-commerce platforms

SID comes with pre-built integrations to leading
e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Salesforce, Spree Commerce, BigCommerce, and Magento, among others.

These integrations support quicker onboarding and customization of your consumer’s shopping journey with minimal manual effort

This helps us get IntelliSID, your brand’s own retail knowledge base up and running in a matter of weeks

Connectors to leading CRM systems

SID has pre-built connectors with leading CRM systems like Salesforce Service Cloud, and many more

Easily integrates with order status systems that facilitate instant order status updates for consumers

Case creation is automated in your CRM system so that agents can resolve consumer queries immediately

A digital shopping assistant for retail with pre-built integrations that make onboarding a breeze

Advanced AI analytics on Natural Language data

AI models come pre-trained on retail ontology and understand Natural Language data for retail

SID is capable of processing contextual voice and text
inputs in 100+ international languages

Proprietary NLU models trained on retail can process and surface out evolving consumer needs from conversational data

The Intelligence of the retail AI brain exposed as APIs can power exceptional omnichannel consumer experiences

Product Discovery API can drive AI-powered intelligent search experiences even on your website

Q&A API can help consumers get instant answers across any other front-end system, not just digital assistants

Retail Intents API can integrate to IVR, voice systems, and any other channels to drive better and faster responses

Connectors to leading Cloud Contact Center platforms

SID integrates with Amazon Connect Contact Center to help consumers over IVR channels

Its integrations with Twilio Flex Contact Center helps in making your very own knowledge base – IntelliSID, available across IVR channels

With its inbuilt Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech capabilities, SID integrates with your existing contact center platform through API integrations