Conversational AI Platform

Why SID?

Accelerated conversions.
Higher sales.
Reduced costs.
Deeper insights.

Intuitive Intelligence

Our digital shopping assistant comes pre-trained with retail domain expertise to handle consumer interactions with accurate recommendations based on specific needs.

170+ unique retail intents

Proprietary AI models come pre-trained on retail domain ontology

Engaging and intelligent consumer conversations from day one

Actionable Insights

Unlock new business opportunities with the deep insights collected by SID from millions of conversations.

SID brings you insights from Natural Language interactions with real consumers

Proprietary AI models to identify unique consumer needs

Deeper insights from every new consumer conversation

The only verticalized digital shopping assistant built for the retail industry.

Collaborative Partners

Customer delight is what drives us to solve your problems through co-creation and

SID’s focus is on consumer satisfaction leading to higher NPS scores for your brand

Our team of AI experts always strives to deliver great service, valuable partnership, and guidance to all our customers

The goal is to help every customer grow exponentially with the power of SID, helping them make informed decisions that lead to business success and growth

Domain Expertise

SID comes with deep retail AI knowledge and domain expertise

Proprietary retail ontology is at the core of SID

AI models for retail offered as APIs, live chat, replay, and analytics

Pre-trained AI models for retail as APIs which include intents, named entities, topic classification, Q&A generation, knowledge base, tags generation, sentiment analysis, etc.

Fast Onboarding

Onboarding with SID is complete in under 4-6 weeks with minimal effort and involvement from our customers.

Customer involvement is limited to 3-4 hours a week for reviews and approvals

SID can ingest available brand data in structured and unstructured formats

Our proprietary AI models automatically generate Q&As, product tags, and utterances from raw text data, PDFs, CSV, and other unstructured formats